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Caitlin has been working with Families with young children for over 20 years. She has cared for children of all ages, extensively with infants and toddlers as well as children with special needs. She provides well rounded individualized care, exposing children to play and activities based on their age/development/interests while adhering to their physical and emotional wellness and routine. She is attentive to the needs of the child/children and the Family as a whole. She has have excellent communication skills with both children and their parents and value mutual respect. Caitlin is extremely flexible, reliable, proactive, caring, empathetic, patient and calm. The well-being and safety of the children in my care is her number one priority.

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Michele is a dedicated and professional Special Needs Nanny with over 12 years of experience in taking care of children in their private households. She has worked with children from toddlers all the way up to teens and she is a very capable, calm and easygoing person. She is organised and she is able to collaborate well with other therapists and professionals so that the children in her care are able to reach milestones and improve every day. She understands very well the ABA method and she has started the RBT course. She is planning to qualify as Occupational Therapist in the future.

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Jackie is a wonderful, energetic, and caring Special Needs and Montessori-trained Nanny who has a passion for working with children, and she's been doing so for over 15 years. She loves to grow and develop with a family and pours her whole heart into caring for the little ones in the family. Jackie is mature and responsible but has a great sense of fun. She loves to travel and recently went to Ethiopia to help children in need for 3 weeks. She also has experience working with newborns including potty training and sleep training.

B.S. - REF #NA-1329639165


Brandee has approximately 23 years of experience working with children with autism and other intellectual disabilities. Six years of that time has been spent at a private school for children with autism and behavioural challenges. This experience also includes providing therapy to families who sought out individual care for their loved ones. Brandee has both training and experience applying verbal behaviour and applied behaviour analysis techniques. This includes, but is not limited to training individuals, developing behaviour plans, developing and implementing skill acquisition tasks, age-related developmental skills, and monitoring programs. She has worked with children between the ages of 3 - 10, as well as, adolescents, teenagers and adults.

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